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Plastic Surgery Marketing

The medical marketing and advertising industry grows and changes minute-by-minute, and digital technology now plays a large role in your choice of a marketing channel for your plastic surgery business. How you attract new patients varies, but even a simple website and some social media accounts can boost your number of potential patients and grow your practice. Internet marketing can also make sure you reach all your prospective patients.

As you begin thinking of ideas to grow your plastic surgery practice, you’ll want tactics that will fortify your image in the public eye. You can begin your digital marketing with positive patient testimonials or blog posts about a niche specialty of your surgeons. But first, you need to solidify and maintain your brand.

Websites That Mean Business

You’re at the top of your game. Your website should be too. Today’s patient journey starts online, and the right website sets the tone for everything that follows. Don’t sell yourself. Assert your expertise with a compelling visual story that says it all in a single instant. Utilizing a tailored approach, we bring your story to life and build a unique strategy around it.

1. Learn
Our first step is to gather information about you and your practice including your goals and needs. From there we use market research & data gathering to identify opportunities.
2. Plan
All effective marketing needs a thought out plan. This is where we can utilize our years of experience along with your potential opportunities to create a successful roadmap for your practice.
3. Build
Our marketing plans start with the website that is designed for your personality with the intent of converting visitors to new patients. If this is skipped it can become a costly mistake.
4. Execute
Once we have your site live, it is time to implement your marketing plan. We utilize several avenues for growing your business such as search engine optimization, retargeting, and paid digital advertising.

Creating and Maintaining Your Brand

For good or for ill, everyday branding is your path to promotional success. Brand awareness might be a new concept to weave into your marketing plan, but it is crucial. Your brand is the crux of all your future promotional efforts. If thinking of your services as just another brand makes you uncomfortable, view it from the perspective of reputation management.

When you have full control over your brand, your marketing campaigns become laser-focused on attracting patients from within your target audience. A brand is more than the sum of its parts, but building one can begin with something as easy as having a consistent and distinct logo in your office and on your website, email marketing correspondences, and Facebook.

Importance of Online Presence

Your branded content will mainly appear on the web. Ask a blogger to write about one aspect of cosmetic surgery for your blog. Write a blog post for your own website about your clinic. Out of the endless online plastic surgery marketing strategies, you must decide which strategies will work best for your marketing budget.

As a surgeon, you might not be aware of your office’s non-surgical aspects that might attract customers to your clinic. Dedicate a section to online reviews on your plastic surgery website, and let your services speak for themselves. Previous clients may have loved some detail about your staff or waiting room experience that you may take for granted. What clients post to review sites makes or breaks a business.

Our Challenges

We’ve Seen All Types of Challenges

Better Yet, We’ve Solved Them

I need to grow my practice.

I need transparency into how my marketing is performing.

I want to spend time on my practice, not my marketing.

I want to stand out among my competitors.

I need a marketing partner I can trust.

I need people to find my practice online.

I need a website that reflects my brand and practice.

I need a stronger reputation on social sites.

World Class Digital Results

Why would you want to settle on an agency that knows the ins and outs of medical marketing for doctors and an agency that excels at medical web design? We don’t think you should. That is why we have expert specialists to provide you with the best result possible. Our experts will offer a seamless approach to you for growing your practice in the months and years to come.

Website Design & Dev

We create well optimized websites that give the user a great experience on desktop and mobile while outperforming competitors in search and conversions.
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Our expert writers will create compelling copy for your website and ads. This is very effective and necessary in medical marketing to stand out.
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Did you know that more Americans search online for their plastic or cosmetic surgeon than any other method of discovery? We are here to get you on top!
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Digital Advertising

While SEO is very important, a full portfolio of digital advertising is needed in competitive specialties and demographics. We will create hyper targeted campaigns for your practice.
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Social Media Management

Potential clients are likely to review your Facebook or Instagram account for activity along with social proofing. We will develop a social media strategy that helps convert these users.
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Analytics Reporting

After building out your marketing campaign, we will show you results with a clear breakdown of what is creating the most business for you. This way we can continue evolving with your marketing needs.
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A Webpage and its Content

Any strategic communications professional worth their salt will incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into their marketing strategy. This is the practice of adding specific keywords throughout your web pages that give your content the potential to appear higher in search results.

Search engines look for a variety of specifics when they query a search. By filtering results this way, a search for “plastic surgery practices near me” yields results for plastic surgeons in your area. You want your name at the top, don’t you?

This might seem like common sense, but hosting optimized content for search engines might be the best plastic surgery marketing strategy in which you could invest. People use these engines every minute to find things online. A little call-to-action on your website’s landing page with just the right keywords will almost certainly increase traffic to your site.

Consider Blogging

As a plastic surgeon, all of the upkeep and work that goes into a successful blog probably doesn’t seem like the kind of activity you want to add to your busy schedule. While some people find the process of drafting a blog to be meditative, others can find it downright irritating. You don’t actually have to be the one to write for your blog, though. Professionals ghostwrite for blogs like yours daily. Or maybe a colleague or student intern would be willing to create a regular blog entry for you.

A word to the wise: If you decide to contract blog-writing work out to a freelance writer, be sure the final content you post is accurate. You need to have the final approval of the copy. This is all a part of maintaining your brand. While monetizing a blog with pay-per-click ads can be tempting, traffic to a blog known for posting inaccurate content will deteriorate.

Social Media and Emailing

The map of social media marketing still has plenty of uncharted territories. Still, a clean and professional Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account adds a lot of value to your online presence. In addition to offering a bit more insight into your business’s day-to-day operations, it gives clients another place to interact and engage with your practice.

Email campaigns for your business are proven to grow a medical practice, too. Remember, though, that when emailing about your practice, you must have permission from the recipient to send them information about your services. Otherwise, you may face legal issues. You’ll find a huge difference between sending newsletters to former patients and spamming.

Advertise With Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency

If this feels like too much for you to manage personally, we have the answer for you. At our agency, we strive for excellence in public relations and advertising. If you need advertising services including help with brand creating, marketing efforts, and patient retention, we’re here for you.

We can design your webpage, keep your web content fresh, optimize it using SEO, run email campaigns, and ghost-write your Facebook and Instagram blasts. We’re absolutely full of plastic surgery marketing ideas!

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