Instagram Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

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Many people are turning to social media to discuss their plastic surgery experiences. Plastic surgeons have been using this tool for marketing purposes for years, but have you considered how Instagram can be used? From sharing before and after pictures, posting selfies of your patients with their new look, or creating an account just for your staff – there are many ways that Instagram can help bring in more business!

Instagram has millions of users and has grown to be the second most popular social media website. Users spend an average of 18 minutes per day on Instagram – making it a great place for plastic surgeons like you to share their work with potential patients!

Instagram is free to set up, easy to use, and can help bring in new business if used correctly.

Benefits of Instagram Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

Instagram can be a great tool for plastic surgeons to use in order to market their work.  There are many benefits to using Instagram for marketing.

-Large audience: With over 300 million monthly active users, it’s a great place to share your plastic surgery work! And, best of all – it is free to set up and use.

-Easy way to show before and after pictures: Whether someone has been following you on IG for years, or they’ve recently found you by searching for a plastic surgeon – showing before and after pictures is one way to attract new patients.

-Targeted audience: Instagram allows users to make their accounts private (i.e., only those who are approved can follow them), public (anyone with the link can see your content), or “explore” (your content is found by those searching for certain hashtags). This means you can target your audience however you’d like!

Develop a brand voice for your company:

Instagram allows you to post pictures of yourself and your staff. This can help potential patients get a sense of who your team is as well as showing that your practice is modern and fun!

You can set up a tone and voice for your brand and help potential patients get a feel for who you are.

Post regularly:

Make sure to post regularly! Instagram is most successful when it’s active – so be sure to share new content often so that customers stay engaged with your business! It also allows them to know what types of things they can expect from you in the future.

Post at peak times:

The peak time for IG posts is usually mid-morning to early afternoon. Try posting at these times, and see how it works for your practice! This means that you’ll want to post at least three times per week, but the more you post the better!

Final Tips & Tricks

Be sure to post about topics related to plastic surgery! If you’re trying something new, share it with the world. Share before and after pictures of patients who have had a procedure done at your office – this will allow potential customers to know what types of procedures they can expect from you.

Instagram will allow your plastic surgery practice to grow and expand. By implementing IG into your marketing strategy, it could be just what you need to bring in new patients!

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