How to Run Instagram Ads For Plastic Surgeons

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How to Run Instagram Ads For Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons can utilize Instagram to showcase their work and gain new patients. It provides the ideal venue to showcase before-and-after photos and educational videos that appeal to younger audiences, drawing new patients through its visual platform. While other marketing means, such as SEO, PPC, and YouTube channels, exist, Instagram ads have proven to be the most effective in 2024. In addition, there are several checklists that you have to consider when running Instagram ads for plastic surgeons.

Using Instagram for Plastic Surgery Leads

Identify Your Target Audience

Instagram boasts over one billion monthly active users, providing plastic surgeons with one of the right platforms to showcase their work and increase brand recognition and patient loyalty. Furthermore, its high engagement rate can help build brand awareness and foster long-term patient relationships.

Before embarking on an Instagram ad campaign, it’s essential to identify your target audience. Facebook’s Audience Insights tool thoroughly analyzes the demographics and interests of your desired target market.

Define Your Objective For Running Ads

Next, choose an objective for your ad campaign that will dictate its structure and content. This decision can majorly impact who and what matters in life! Instagram ads come in several formats, including photos, carousels, and videos.

With the best social media marketing strategy, your plastic surgery practice can achieve its objectives by crafting engaging posts targeted to specific demographics. To maximize its impact, consider paying for paid advertisements to expand and amplify its content presence on social media.

Optimize A Plastic Surgeon's Instagram

Create an Ad Campaign

Social media marketing can be invaluable for many plastic surgeons looking to generate leads or increase patient engagement. Instagram provides the perfect platform for plastic surgeons looking to use Instagram as an effective social media management tool.

To maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, you should create a mix of these ads; for example, a Collection ad could drive more website traffic, while videos or carousels of photos might work better as brand awareness ads.

Social Media Advertising as a Plastic Surgeon

Choose The Ideal Ad Format

Instagram provides various ad formats, including photo, carousel, and collection ads. Each allows you to simultaneously display multiple images or videos for an uninterrupted viewing experience. Choose the format that best reflects your practice’s aesthetic and target audience.

Social media profiles are important because they provide the ideal way to showcase before-and-after images from cosmetic procedures, interact with patients, answer inquiries, and connect with potential patients.

In addition, testimonials from past clients can be shared alongside photos of your office staff and team members—not to mention that it acts as a great platform to collaborate with influencers within your industry to promote your business!

Create a Compelling Ad Copy

If you are running Instagram ads for your plastic surgery practice, it is key that your ads create a compelling ad copy that grabs customers’ attention. This will enable you to attract more patients while increasing ROI.

The first step in creating effective ad copy should be identifying an objective for your campaign. This will determine what content will make up your ad and where it should appear on Instagram; among the more common goals are Photo, Video, Carousel, and Collection ads. Video ads are a great way to showcase work or tell a story about your plastic surgery practice, while they can also promote special offers or events.

How to run Instagram ads for plastic surgeons

Focus To Engage Patients

Make your video ads more engaging by including captions so viewers can still understand what’s happening without sound. This is especially true for videos that feature before-and-after photos or testimonials from previous patients. Use apps such as Layout or Hyperlapse to create visually appealing ads; alternatively, use IGTV ads for longer videos that you wish to share with your target audience.

Grow Your Plastic Surgery Account on Instagram

Create a Compelling Ad Image

Developing an appealing visual is the first step to creating an engaging Instagram ad. This can be accomplished either with professional photography, taking model shots yourself, or using smartphone and app technology—either way, you will ensure high-quality images that meet Instagram’s requirements for size, ad format, and captions.

Instagram can also be an effective platform for attracting attention by sharing engaging content about your practice and its employees. Post content like behind-the-scenes photos, photos of staff members posing, photos of happy patient stories with their families, or any other engaging posts to give your followers something engaging to look at and interact with. Different social media platforms require different approaches—experiment until you find what works.

Choose Demographics for Your Social Ads

Paid advertising on any social media platform, including Instagram ads, is key to expanding the reach of your content. Instagram ads allow you to target specific demographics and interests by targeting them through demographic targeting or location retargeting ads. Our ad specialists can assist in crafting an effective campaign within budget and taking advantage of advanced features offered by Instagram, such as carousels or collections ads.

Run The Ad

Instagram provides plastic surgeons an ideal platform to showcase their work and connect with potential patients. Create a custom hashtag relevant to your practice or specialty, incorporating this tag into posts featuring before-and-after images, medical spa services, or prospective patients’ stories—or host giveaways as the ideal combination of user-generated content creation and marketing!


Here are some questions that our readers have asked us:

Plastic surgeons get clients through referrals, online reviews, social media, and targeted marketing. They build their reputation by showcasing successful outcomes, maintaining a professional online presence, and offering consultations. Networking with other medical professionals and participating in community events also helps attract new patients.

Market a plastic surgery practice by creating an SEO-optimized website, showcasing results on social media, and using PPC ads. Publish educational content, send informative newsletters, and build relationships for referrals. Encourage positive reviews to enhance reputation and attract new clients.


Running Instagram ads for plastic surgeons can be a highly effective strategy for attracting new patients and showcasing the expertise and results of your practice. By leveraging Instagram’s visual and interactive nature, plastic surgeons can build brand awareness, foster patient relationships, and ultimately grow their practice.

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